A complementary feed rich in vitamins A, D3 and fatty acids


* Cod liver Oil           : 50 % 

* Corn Cob               : 49 %

Analytical Components

* Crude proteins       : 2 %

* Crude cellulose      : 15 %

* Crude fats               : 50 %

* Crude   ashes         : 1.5 % 



* Improves early life performance 

* Increases Omega-3 DHA and EPA in meat and eggs

* Improves fertility

* Contributes to feather and bone quality

* Helps to increase milk production

* Supports immunity and hormone production 

* Reduces cholesterol in meat

* To be stored away from light, moisture and excessive heats

Recommendation For Usage:

*Breeders: Regular use, between 1 and 2 kg/T and up to 3kg/T during laying peak. To improve general health condition or to supportlaying peak, 1 week per month. 

*Broilers:2 to 3kg/T during the 1st week and decrease to 1k/T the last week before slaughtering 

* Turkey: 2 to 3kg/T during the 1st week, then use 1kg per ton in normal breeding condition

* Layers: Regular use, 3kg/Ton and up to 5kg/T during laying peak. To improve general health condition or to support laying peak, 1 week per month.


* Breeding Cow: At the entrance in the workshop and every month during one week, 100g to 150g per day

* Heifers: 1 week per month: 100g per day

* Dairy Cows: During insemination, drying period, 1 week per month, 150g per day

Presentation: 20 kg bag

Side Effect: No side effect

Best Use Before:  24 month


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