Composition / LITER:  

* 3a700 Vitamin E                                                                : 100000 mg/Liter

* Trace-elements E8 Selenium (sodium selenite)          : 450 mg/Liter  


* Used in the treatment and prevention of vitamin E deficiency symptoms like Exudative Diathesis, Muscular Dystrophy, Encephalomalacia etc.

* Helps to develop reproductive organ. 

* Increase egg production.

* Take part in the production of blood.

* Improve Immunity

* Improve Fertility

 Recommendation For Usage:

 Use in drinking water

* Poultry: 1ml per 1-2 Liters of water for 3-5 days

* Dairy Cows: 1ml per Liter of drinking water.  Distribute during the drying period. (2 months before calving) During this period, distribute in2 or 3 times of 5 days at 5-day intervals. 

* Sheep-Goats: 1 ml per Liter of drinking water

* Sows: 1 ml per Liter of drinking water during 5 days, 10 to 15 days before parturition. (or 15 to 20 ml sow per day)    

Presentation:  1 Ltr , 5 Ltr & 20 Ltr

Best Used Before: 24 Months

Side Effect: No side effect


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