Toxybind Perfect

Toxybind Perfect

“Mycotoxinbinder & Eliminator”


* Yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiea)

* Yeast Cell Walls

* Antioxidants

* Mould Inhibitors

* Spices and Herbs (Phytogenics)

* Unique Enzymes

* Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicates (HSCAS)



* Adsorption of mycotoxins

* Binding of mycotoxins

* Reduction of immune suppression

* Recovery of organ functions (Kidneys,Liver.Pancreas)

* Biotransformation of mycotoxins (enzymatic)



Preventive: 0.5kg/ton feed.

Curative     : 1kg- upto 2.5kg / ton feed with high risk feed

Cow             : 10-50 gm per head per day.


Presentation: 25kg Bag


Side Effect: No Side effect



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