Diprosin E Plus

Diprosin E-Plus


* SALICYLATE SALT (15%): It provides control of body temperature when the environmental temperature swells beyond a level, where poultry bird is unable to effectively control its body temperature through innate mechanism.

* VITAMIN C (2%): Provides healing effect to tissue injuries. which is caused by heat stress and pathological stress.

* ELECROLYTES:  The scientific combination of various electrolytes replenish loss of electrolytes from the body due to heat stress. (Sodium chloride: 0.6%, Potassium chloride:5%, Sodium bicarbonate: 3.5%; Sodium Acid Phosphate: 0.8%; Sodium citrate: 6%; Calcium lactate: 1.7%; Magnesium Sulphate:1%).   

* BETAIN (2%): Betain is an osmoregulant besides a source of essential methyl groups for metabolic reaction.

*ENERGY SOURCE: DIPROSIN E-PLUS has major energy source which provides energy in excess of 3500 K cal per kg thus makes extra glucose supplementation during summer seen as a general practice, redundant.  


* For preventions of heat stress

* For prevention of mortality during extreme heat stress

* For preventing electrolyte losses during heat stress

* For restoring feed consumption & reducing production losses heat stress

* To control body temperature during Bacterial diseases & Viral flue    


* Above 38 degree with no mortality: 1gm/1Ltr of water

* In case of mortality 1gm/1Ltr of water  

* In case of severe mortality/excessive heat: 2gm/1 Ltr of water

* Do mix required quantities in drinking water between 10AM-8PM


* 100g, 200g and 1kg sachet pack

* 500g HDPE container

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Side Effect: No Side Effect

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