E Plus Chick Care Powder

E Plus Chick Care Powder


A tool which can manage

* Transportation stress, Dehydration and early chick nutrition.

* Early chick nutrition to support growth.

* Well balanced electrolyte formulation.

* Amino acids (methionine,threonine) to stimulate growth and strengthen immune response

* Vitamin C to reduce stress.

* Energy Source to promote chicks early life growth

Specification: The Scientific combination of various electrolytes to replenish to loss of chick’s body electrolytes due to heat and transportation stress. Thereby, it prevents body dehydration and mortality.


The Amino acids are required by chicks for synthesis of variety of proteins and regulate pathway of immune response.Methionine & threonine are the 1st and 3rd amino acids of poultry. Its helps the chicks to grow faster, support feather growth, promotes gastro-intestinal functions and reduces heat stress and thereby decreases mortality.

VITAMIN C 2%:Helps the chicks to boost body immunity. It also provides healing effect to tissue injuries which is caused by heat and transportation stress.

BETAINE 2%:Betaine is an osmoregulant besides a source of essential methyl groups of metabolic reactions. It’s osmotic function is useful in maintaining gut wall integrity, which has been observed as increased gut strength and reduce dehydration of cells under stressful conditions such as during transportation.

YEAST METABOLITES 1%: Improves gut health & gut morphology. Promotes performance during first week of life.

SALICYLATE SALT 3%:It provides control of body temperature when the environment temperature dwells beyond a level, where chicks are unable to effectively control its body temperature through innate mechanism.

ENERGY SOURC: Chick care powder has got major energy in excess of 3500 K cal per Kg thus giving instant energy to the chicks.


* For Control of dehydration and transportation stress    

* Early Chick nutrition 

*For better performance during 1st week

Recommendation for Usage:

* 1g per Ltr Of drinking water 

* 1st 3-5 days after arrival of chicks in grow out farm

Presentation: 100 g Sachet

Side Effect: No Side Effect

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