A comprehensive tool for Better Eggshell Quality


Pulsoworum-45 is a different approach to address eggshell quality problems in commercial and parent layers, which determines Eggshell breakage and Hatchability, specially post 40 weeks bird’s innate strength to utilize calcium wears down.

Composition: (Each gm contains)

Potassium Carbonate                    : 100mg

Ascorbic Acid                                  : 25mg

Cholecalciferol                                : 1200 IU

Proline Precusor (Amino Acids)   : 25mg

Energy Base to QS                          : 1gm

Pulsworum-45 works on

* Shell Matrix deposition

* Optimum Shell pore distribution

* Higher Egg Shell Strength


Layers/Breeder : 500gm-1000gm per ton of feed or as per the recommendation of nutritionist or consultant.

Pack Size : 1 kg

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