Water Soluble


* Vitamin-E    : 20gm

* Selenium    : 200 ppm

* Biotin          : 4 mg

Water soluble Carrier: Q.S.


* Vitamin-E: Required for growth and reproduction.

* Helps to maintain the structural tissue integrity.

* Supports development of the

contributes to disease resistance.

* Enhances the quality value of meat and eggs.    

* Selenium: Improves broiler, Layer & breeder performance.

* Improves Fertility hatchability & Egg quality

* Biotin: For the treatment of chondrodystrophy.  

Inclusion Levels:  Chick, Grower, Layer: 150-200gm / ton of feed.

In drinking water:

* 5 gm/200 birds (Chicks, Grower& Layers)

* 5gm/50 birds in broilers

Presentation: 200gm Triple layer laminated aluminum pouch

Side Effect: No side effect

A.T.B Bioplus

Authentic Toxin Binder

A ready Solution for mycotoxins


Dipolar Phyllosilicate with purified Hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate (HSCAS)

Yeast cell wall components MOS (Mannan-Oligosaccharides)

Activated carbon

Organic acids, their salts.

Surfactants & Phytogenic derivatives

Mode of actions:

Dipolar Phyllosilicate has both positive and negative charges. Hence, ATB BioPlus not only binds aflatoxin, but also all other types of mycotoxins. Polar clays carry only negative charges, having limitation to bind only aflatoxins, which have strong positive charges. Polar clays are unable to bind the other mycotoxins, especially those having negative charges.

ATB Bioplus acts on mycotoxine by neutralizing the electric charges present in the mycotoxin. Electrical charges of ATB BioPlus neutralizes the electrical charges of mycotoxin, hence, mycotoxin binds on the surface of ATB BioPlus.

MOS added in A.T.B. has very strong binding capacity to mycotoxins especially Zearalenone. MOS detatches the toxins.

Activated Carton binds Ochratoxins, T2 toxins, Chemical toxins and also filters the toxins mechanically. Ochratoxine damage the kidneys.

Organic acids inhibit mould growth and thus reduce further production of mycotoxins. Acids lower gut pH and enhance digestibility of nutrients. Also help to maintain the gut integrity.

Surfactants in combination with Phytogenic derivatives have the properties of neutralizing the ill effects of mycotoxins in the bird’s body. In addition to their antibacterial effects on the intestine, they also help to repair the damaged epithelial tissue of intestine.      

Recommendation for usage:

ATB BioPlus is recommended at the rate of 1 kg per ton of feed.  It’s depending upon moisture levels.

 Presentation: 25 kg  

 Side Effect: No side effect




For better-feed utilization increased growth rate and production 


* Amylase

* Xylanase 

 * Beta-Glucanase

* Pectinase

* Cellulase

* Protease

* Lipase

* Mannanase


Action of various Enzymes :

* Amylase: Acts on starch and makes more metabolizable energy available to the birds

* Xylanase : Acts on NSPs and reduce the viscosity of gut, thereby allowing the passage of ingesta through the gut. Enhances Production of microbial flora in the gut. Breaks the anti nutritional factor, “ARBINOXYLANS” found in various feed ingredients like soya,maize, wheat etc. Reduces the incidence of lose dropping and wet litter condition.

* Beta Glucanase: Acts on beta glucans

* Pactinase: Acts on Pectins

* Cellulose: Acts on Cellulose

* Protease: Acts on proteins, by degrading peptides into amino acids, resulting in more availability of amino acids.  

* Lipase: Acts on fats/oils/lipids metabolism. Digestion of fats releases more energy.

* Mannanase: Acts on NSP beta mannans and and releases more metabolizable energy.

Side Effects: No undesirable effects are to be expected when the prescribed dosage regimen is followed.

Storage Condition: HiZyme should be stored in a preferably cool and dry place. Protect from Sunlight

Best Before: 24 month from manufacturing date. Store in a cool and dry place.

Inclusion Levels: For Broilers/Layers/Breeders (birds of all ages)

500 gm per Ton of feed

Presentation: 1 KG, 25 KG




Amino acids with protected minerals

 Oral Liquid


Each 500ml Contains  

* Methionine activity:  130.30 gm

* Chloride :63.125 gm  

* Lysine HCL                   :  63.125 gm

* Sodium                        : 485.00 mg

* Phosphorus                  : 158.40 mg

* Magnesium                   :615.14 mg

* Zinc                             : 219.70 mg

* Iron                             :232. 42 mg

* Copper                         :163. 25 mg

* Cobalt                          :212. 95 mg

* Magnesium                   :395. 12 mg

 Benefits at a glance:

* Methionine (MHA) is completely and effectively absorbed & utilized as in comparison to DLM. Increased resistance to disease &to overcome stress related problems. Improved & enhanced F.C.R Increase body mass weight. Increased egg production quality & to avoid mis-shape of eggs during peak lay & early lay.

 Increased overall growth, production & economic profits. To makes up Minerals & Amino acids deficiency


* Breeders   :10-20 ml

* Broilers     :5-10 ml

* Layers      :10-20 ml

Presentation: 5Ltr,1Ltr 500 ml

Side effect: No Side Effect

Best Before: 24 Months from manufacturingdate

Storage Conditions:Stored in cool, dry, and dark place protect from sunlight



The Most Advance Nutritional Emulsifier and Absorption Enhancer

Active Ingredients:  

* Glycerol Polyethylene Glycol Ricinoleate

* Lysophospholipids , Phospholipids, Glycolipids 


Benefits of Emulsivet Advance over Conventional


* Extremely hydrophilic character in comparison to conventional lecithin or lysophospholipid based emulsifier which helps in increased solubility in aqueous phase of small intestine.

* Reduces interfacial tension between oil and water to a greater extent.

* Greatly influences the bile mimetic activity in gut to create mixed micelles.

* Optimizes the energy available in the feed to its maximum.

* Reduced percentage of fat & protein excretion than conventional emulsifiers.  

* Prevents pasty vent, wet litter and has effects on overall improved gut health.

* Pellets of consistent quality with stable moisture levels are produced.  

* Homogenous distribution of fat, moisture and other ingredients in feed leading to smoother feed production.

Inclusion Levels:  500g/MT of feed

Storage Conditions: Stored in cool and dry place, protect from the sunlight.

Presentation: 1 kg & 25 kg


Side Effects:  No undesirable effects are to be expected when prescribed dosage regimen is followed.



The Next Generation Performance Enhancer and Detoxifier


Each 1000 ml contains

* TriCholine Citrate                       :       100g

* L-Carnitine                                  :       25g

* Betaine HCL                               :       20g

* DL- Methionine                           :       15g

* Magnesium Sulphate                  :       55g  

* Sorbitol                                       :       255g

* Liver Extract                               :       10g

* Protein Hydrolysate                    :      10g

* Vitamin B12                                :      400mcg

* Inositol                                        :      1g

* Sodium Selenite                         :     1.4g

Natural Bioflavonoids and Polyphenols: Silymarin,  Artichoke, Quercetin ,Ginseng.  



* Silymarin: Powerful antioxidant and supports the liver by preventing the depletion of glutathione

* Cynarin (Artichoke) : Kidney activator and Detoxifier

* L- Carnitine: Promotes the lipid redistribution in different organs in the body,also helps to burn the fat while maintaining lean muscle mass and improve the egg production, and hatchability. 

* Quercetin: Is one of the most biologically active flavonoid. It acts as a potent polyphenol antioxidant and immune system modulator. Quercetin has numerous other health benefits. 

* Ginseng: Revitalizer, Rejuvenator and blood purifier

* Sorbital & Magnesium : Diuretic and digestion improver

* Choline Betaine & Methionine : Known as a ‘methyl donors’ Interact closely with each other in the regulation of lipid metabolism and in the prevention of fatty liver, protecting the liver from fatty degeneration.

* Vitamin B12 : In haemopoetic and Circulatory system

* Protein hydrolysate, Inositol, Liver extract, Selenium etc. altogether, have very important role to play in protein, fat, carbohydrate metabolism, liver function, blood vascular system and immune mechanism. 


Recommendation for Usage:



* Broilers: 10ml / 100 birds for 2-3 days in a week

* Layers: Chicks: 10ml / 100 birds for first 3 days in a week

* Growers: 10ml / 100 birds for 1-2 days in a week

* Layers:  10ml / 100 birds for 2 days in a week

* Breeders: 20 ml / 100 birds 3 days in a week

During disease condition-

Layers/Broilers: 10ml / 100 birds twice daily for 5 consecutive days

Breeders: 15-20 ml / 100 birds twice daily for 5 consecutive days 

Presentation: 500ml, 1 Ltr & 5 Ltr

Side Effect: No side effect


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