Water Soluble


* Vitamin-E    : 20gm

* Selenium    : 200 ppm

* Biotin          : 4 mg

Water soluble Carrier: Q.S.


* Vitamin-E: Required for growth and reproduction.

* Helps to maintain the structural tissue integrity.

* Supports development of the

contributes to disease resistance.

* Enhances the quality value of meat and eggs.    

* Selenium: Improves broiler, Layer & breeder performance.

* Improves Fertility hatchability & Egg quality

* Biotin: For the treatment of chondrodystrophy.  

Inclusion Levels:  Chick, Grower, Layer: 150-200gm / ton of feed.

In drinking water:

* 5 gm/200 birds (Chicks, Grower& Layers)

* 5gm/50 birds in broilers

Presentation: 200gm Triple layer laminated aluminum pouch

Side Effect: No side effect

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