Concentrated Dual Yellow Oral Liquid

Boost up Immunity Against ND & Avian Influenza 


JINGAN is pure traditional Chinese Phyto Chemical/Herbal oral liquid, which has an affirmative clinical efficacy in the preventment and curative of poultry with ND or Al (especially low pathogenic Avian Influenza)


* Flos lonicerae 

* Radix scutellariae

* Fructus Forsythia



* Dispelling wind, clearing heat and removing toxicity

* Build immunity especially against ND and AI

* It also prevents fever, cough and cold.


Usage & Dosage:

Preventment: 1ml per litre of water, 4 hours daily for 4 days in every month

N.B : To improve and maintain ND litre level,use Jingan 4 hours daily for 4 days @ 1ml per litre of water after 2 days of ND vaccination.

Curative: 1.5ml-2ml per litre of water, 4 hours daily for 4-5 days

Side Effect: According to the prescribed dose, no adverse drug reaction after intake.

Shelf Life: Up to 2 years from the date of manufacturing.

Presentation: 500ml & 1Ltr

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