Glucosamine Sulfate+chondroitin Sulfate& +MSM

Boswellia extract & Andrographs paniculata

STRUGGLE in painful OSTEO ARTHRITIS is unbearable condition


* Both Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate help regulate (normalize) cartilage maintenance

* Maintenance of normal balance of anabolic & catabolic actions = return towards health, reducing risk of OA

* Prevention of joint space loss in knee OA (humans) by Glucosamine  

* Glucosamine inhibits degradative enzymes

* Decreases levels and expression of inflammatory cytokines, COX2,PGE2, PLA2

* Synergy with NSAIDs

Pain Management:  

Positive effects of Boswellia extract and Andrographs paniculata in some chronic inflammatory deseases including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis disease have been reported. Some see those extracts are a promising alternative to NSAIDs

Prescribing Information:


The initial dosage is glucosamine 1500mg (2 Cartitab tablet) per day or as directed by the physician

CONTRAINDICATION : Pregnancy and Lactation, hypersensitivity

Pharmaceutical Precautions:  Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light

Warming & Precaution: Persons taking anticoagulant therapy are advised to have clotting times evaluated regularly when taking glucosamine sulphate & chondroitin sulphate  

Drug Interactions: Only chondroitin has chance of interaction with anticoagulants

SIDE EFFECTS : Generally well tolerated. Rarely GI in tolerance and nausea, Some time pruritus have been reported

Pack Size : 3×10 Alu-PVC blister




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