Methylcobalamin,  Antioxidants, Vitamins ,Minerals & Trace elements


Speacial Features of MULTVON

Immune System: Vitamine A, Vitamine C, Iron, Copper, Selenium & Zinc

Healthy Heart & Blood: Calcium, Vitamin B6,B12,Folic Acid,Thiamine & Iron

Bones, Teeth & Gums: Vitamine A, C,D,K, Magnesium & Calsium

Nervous System: Vitamin B-Complex, Calcium  Phosphorus, Copper,Magnesium,Vitamine C & Manganese

Eyes,Skins,Hair & Nails : Lutein. Vitamin A,Vitamin C & Zinc


*Vitamin B supplementation prevents or reverses cognitive decline1

* Vitamin B tablets every day can reduce the rate of brain atrophy in older people with mild cognitive impairment2

* Vitamin B6 helps in reducing the psychological symptoms of PMS1

* Vitamin B1 is effective in recovery of mental and physical symptoms of PMS2

* Magnesium helps in reducing symptoms like cramps,irritability & water retention3


* As a co prescribtion for mainstay therapies

* Reduces oxidative damage to cell for stress and unhealthy lifestyle 

* An excellent anti aging supplement

* Help to metabolism to carbohydrates, proteins, fat and increase their energy conversions

* Maintain functional integrity of nervous, cardiac, renal and skeletal

* Nutritional supplement for vision disorder like ARMD and cataract

Dosage: Two capsule a day, or directed by doctors

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from direct sunlight

Side Effect: Generally well tolerated

Drug interaction: No drug interaction 


Pregnancy & Lactation: Recommended

Pack Size:     3×10 capsules 

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