3Nine Immunoactive (Powder)


IMMUNOACTIVE offers multi-active biotechnology ingredients

Descriptions: The specie of bacteria and virus which causes epidemic disease is always unbeatable in the world. Especially, in during the change of season we most likely have to face the risk of infection by virus and bacteria. 

3nine IMMUNOACTIVE can boost our immune system by performing two major functions for diseases prevention.

Immune system Boosting

 Functional 6 Probiotic Strains: Help maintain healthy microflora in G.I. tract and strengthen your immunosystem

 Colostrum protein: Supply nutrients and build up strength.  

 Whey Protein:

Enrich Immunoglobulin (IgG) and amino acid to enhance pathogens resistance in human  

 Multivitamin (A,B1,B2,B6,B12,C,E):

Regulate physiological functions and provided anti-oxidants to maintain our health

Anti-virus ingredients

Functional Probiotics:

Enhance growth of gastrointestinal flora, strength our ability to fight against pathogens


Suppress the growth of harmful virus & fungi, specialized in Enterovirus, it has 5-10 times higher anti-virus effects than the breast milk lactoferrin.

Elderberry extract:

Antiviral functions, Anti-inflammatory function and Anti-Oxidation effect

Mechanism of action:


* Increase the number of intestinal of mucosa cells secreting immunoglobulins.

* Facilitates antigen transport to underlying lymphoid cells ensuring a faster immune reaction to disease causing bacteria.  

Antibacterial action

* Production of antibacterial substance (Such as bacteiocins)

* Action against common pathogens including E-Coli, C.difficile & Salmonella spp.

Competitive Exclusion:

Good adhesion to the gut wall, preventing pathogens building. 

* Colonisation of the gut with beneficial bacteria



1-2 capsule daily. Take one capsules orally before or after main meal


Child: 1 sachet daily;  Adult: 1-2 sachet daily. Take one sachet orally before or after meal with a glass of water, milk or Juice

Side Effects: No Side Effects


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