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A.T.B Bioplus 4

Authentic Toxin Binder
A ready Solution for mycotoxins

Dipolar Phyllosilicate with purified Hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate (HSCAS)
Yeast cell wall components MOS (Mannan-Oligosaccharides)
Activated carbon
Organic acids, their salts.
Surfactants & Phytogenic derivatives

Mode of actions:

Dipolar Phyllosilicate has both positive and negative charges. Hence, ATB Bioplus not only binds
aflatoxin, but also all other types of mycotoxins. Polar clays carry only negative charges, having
limitation to bind only aflatoxins, which have strong positive charges.Polar clays are unable to bind the
other mycotoxins, especially those having negative charges.

ATB Bioplus acts on mycotoxine by neutralizing the electric charges present in the mycotoxin. Electrical
charges of ATB BioPlus neutralizes the electrical charges of mycotoxin, hence, mycotoxin binds on the
surface of ATB BioPlus.

MOS added in A.T.B. has very strong binding capacity to mycotoxins especially Zearalenone. MOS
detatches the toxins.

Activated Carton binds Ochratoxins, T2 toxins, Chemical toxins and also filters the toxins mechanically.
Ochratoxine damage the kidneys.

Organic acids inhibit mould growth and thus reduce further production of mycotoxins. Acids lower gut
pH and enhance digestibility of nutrients. Also help to maintain the gut integrity.

Surfactants in combination with Phytogenic derivatives have the properties of neutralizing the ill effects
of mycotoxins in the bird’s body. In addition to their antibacterial effects on the intestine, they also help
to repair the damaged epithelial tissue of intestine.

Recommendation for usage:
ATB BioPlus is recommended at the rate of 1 kg per ton of feed. It’s depending upon moisture levels.

Presentation: 5 kg and 25 kg

Side Effect: No side effect

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