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Bact Acid FLA

Description: Anti-Bacterial synergistic dry Acids Mixture: Kills Gram Negative Bacteria, e.g. Salmonella &
E-Coli. Reducing the Buffering Capacity of Feed, Increasing Growth and Improving Animal Performance.


  • Assay Formic Acid (99%)
  • Assay Lactic Acid (99%)
  • Assay Acetic Acid (99%)
  • Assay Citric Acid (99%)
  • Assay Ortho-phosphoric Acid (99%)
  • Assay Calcium Min.21.0% (Digestible)
  • Assay Anticaking (SiO2) Max.4.0%
  • Appearance Powder/fine Granules
  • Color White/Off-white
  • Density 0.7-0.9 g/cm3
  • Lead (Pb) Max.10 ppm
  • Arsenic (As) Max. 3 ppm

Recommendation For Usage:
1-3 kg/ton in feed, and 5kg/ton for MBM sterilization.
In the feed optimization program one can calculate with 42% Calcium, because of double Ca-availability
compared to limeline.

Presentation/Packing: 25 kg Multilayer Paper Bags with PE inner liner 1,000 kg bigbags

Shelf Life Storage: 2 years after Production date. Cool (frost free) and Dry.

Side Effect: No Side Effect

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