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Saife’PLUS Super


  • Serratiopeptidase (0.3mg): Boosts antibiotic efficacy. Inhibits bacterial resistance. Increase the
    activity/penetration of the antibiotic.
  • Vitamine E (10mg) & Se (0.1 mcg): The combination has been provided in Saife Plus Super so as to provide anti-oxidant and immune booster effect to have proper resistance post-disease recovery.
  • Vitamin C (50mg): Act as an anti-Stressor in the product and thus provides a quick healing and faster recovery from the disease.
  • Others Contents: Acetyl Salicylate (150mg)


  • For enhancement of antibiotic efficacy during all treatments
  • For reduction of inflammation and pain during diseases
  • For breaking and removal of mucus from respiratory tract
  • Providing immunity and anti- stress effect Inhibiting Bacterial resistance

Recommendation For Usage:

  • 1g per 1Ltr of water 8-12 hours for 3-5 days along with antibiotic

Pack Size or Presentation: 100g Packaging and 500g HDPE packaging

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Side Effect: No side effect

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