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VACC-SURE is food grade blue dye indicator. It is necessary to neutralize all free chlorine in the water in
order to protect and stabilize the live vaccines.


  • Blue dye indicator
  • Chlorine neutralizer
  • pH Stabilizer
  • Hard water softener


  • Clean the pipelines to remove the scales and slime.
  • VACC-SURE neutralizes free chlorine in water
  • It stabilizes the pH level of water through which stabilize the vaccine in water
  • It neutralizes other detrimental chemical and heavy metal in water and reduces their negative effect
    and stabilizes the vaccine in water.
  • Use of VACC-SURE during drinking water vaccination will stains beak, tongue and feathers of birds
    that have consumed the water which will help for vaccination process monitoring.

Dose and Usage: Add one tablet of VACC-SURE 10gm/20gm and then wait for 10 minutes per, 50
Liter/100 Liter of water then adding of vaccine and give orally through drinking water.

Srorage Condition: Store in dry place away from direct sunlight

Side Effect: No Side Effect

Presentation: 10g & 20g tablets in HDPE Jar of 10 & 50 effervescent tablets.

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